Brottus nätdejting bedragare microsoft A friend called me back today, it was more than a year since we hanged out frequently. It can take months before we hear from each other but when it happen it seems like we still have something going on. He is a Brazilian wrestler and have trained the martial art for over two decades. For wrestling reasons I quickly nicknamed him Brottus when we started to hang out, meaning something like wrestler in our native language. He has an attitude which suits his body and are good at being himself but still has a careful side and can sense others very well.
When it comes to his training Brottus is a very humble guy, he says that he have calmed down a bit now and only workout or train 4-5 times a week. Today he ran a 5 km race with his co-workers and did it 25 minutes which impresses me a lot. He have a lot of muscles where they should not be in order to do running which is natural if you are a wrestler. He said that he was kind of wrecked now afterward and running such short distance in a public race must be hard.
It has been easier finding inspiration in others lately and to be happy over others trying something new instead of thinking to much of me. To get a good and giving feeling when others progress instead of comparing my progress or worry about my goals is a relief. In this case Brottus also found inspiration in others in that run which he told me of, meaning he have also adopted this cheer for others forget your problems mentality.